Best Soccer Cleats [3 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet Updated 2017]

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

As modern soccer cleats are becoming more specialized, the steps for finding the perfect soccer cleats (which once used to be a time consuming and frustrating process) has become quite simple. With hundreds of different brands particularly working on cleats, there is no shortage of available options. However, the important thing is to understand how to pick the most suitable soccer cleats for your play. I’ve listed down the 4 important steps to make this work easier for you.

Choosing the Perfect Soccer Cleats

1. Considering the pitch:

You must know the type of ground you’re most likely to play on. This would not only improve your game but also maintain the quality of your shoes. Most of these cleats are specifically designed according to the ground type, for example – soft, firm, artificial, grassy etc. On the other hand there are all-ground cleats available for those who play on different type of grounds. The only catch is that all-ground cleats are more expensive than the regular ones.

2. Considering your playing style

Well known brands have gone a step further by manufacturing shoes according to the position and style of your game. This means that you can buy cleats that are ideal for any particular position which would result in improving your game performance. For example goal keepers, defenders, mid fielders and attackers, all of them would have different type of soccer cleats.

3. Considering the right cleat materials

Once you know your pitch, style and position, the next step is to understand what materials are to be used in your shoes. Generally there are 2 different types of materials used in soccer cleats, synthetics and leather. There is no such thing as ideal material become each of them has their own pros and cons which you must take into consideration. Leather soccer cleats are further divided under 2 categories, kangaroo or cowhide leather. Cowhide leather is a good option if you are looking for super protection, durability and water resistant shoes. Whereas, the kangaroo leather offers high tensile strength and the ability of molding perfectly around your feet.

Top 3 Suggested Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet:-

1. Umbro Speciali:

Umbro Speciali is an amazing choice for wide footed players. Not only this product has high positive customer ratings, but it’s also the most affordable option. It uses full grain leather which provides soft touch around the foot. These boots provide an enhanced fitting by featuring pre-molded sock liner which does a great job of fitting to the natural shape of your foot. Umbro speciali uses wishbone technology which helps in keeping certain parts of the foot stiff while adding room for more flexibility for providing clean sharp cuts. These cleats also offer better grip to make your play more comfortable and can become a best and suitable option for players who have wide feets.

Best soccer cleats for wide feet

2. Nike T90 Laser:

Made of high quality synthetic leather, these cleats are best known for fitting all types of foot including the ones with wide feet. According to the customer reviews, the solid constructions and poron lined insole of Nike T90 laser results in providing step-in comfort. In addition to that, Nike T90 uses several other technologies such as carbon enforced strength, vapor light-weight construction and side lacing system along with alternate eyelet holes which results in providing a better kicking surface. These cleats also have memory foam surface which helps to increase the kicking accuracy.

Best soccer cleats for wide feet

3. Mizuno Morelia:

These are considered to be the best soccer cleats for wide feet players. These cleats are made up of Kangaroo leather which provides excellent fitting and durability. Your first wear may not be as comfortable as the later ones because these cleats are designed to adjust according to the player’s foot shape and size. The weight of Mizuno Morelia is slightly higher than usual cleats; however the fitting makes it feel a lot lighter than it actually is. Along with high quality kangaroo leather, the internal heel cup (which is made up of hard plastic) also adds to the overall protection at the field.

Best soccer cleats for wide feet