Best Soccer Shin Guards [4 Best Shin Pads Of 2017-2018]


Being a mandatory attire of any soccer game, shin guards have been designed for safeguarding the legs from assertive defenders, and with all the heated ball kicking and skirmishes, shin guards are a necessary part of the kit that will protect the player unconditionally.

Although there might be some discomfort wearing them, it is paramount to protecting the tibia and safeguarding against any untimely injury. There are various options available on the market and to find the pair of best soccer shin guards that suit the player best will take some thought.

Many players will opt to wear their guards in their socks while some would like to wear them on a sleeve that is shin guards over or under socks; well there are many options as what there are positions on a team.

When thinking of purchasing the best soccer shin guards a serious look at comfort should be made, nothing worse than suffering a bad fitting pair that will only interfere in the way the player performs in the game.

The right choice should ultimately be well designed, lightweight material custom made with foam or gel cushioning and supplementary fundamentals such as sock inserts that will keep them where they belong during a game.

Required by FIFA, the world’s governing body for football, shin guards are to be worn by players during games for protecting the lower extremities.

Soccer is a game of skill but not without its dangers, so when players tackle the ball they may mistakenly kick their opponent’s shins, but by wearing the guards, the damage is generally not as hazardous as what it would have been had the player not worn the shin guards.

First used in the 1800s Players would wear woolen socks under the guards, but have now evolved into what we know today.

Here are a few Best Soccer Shin Guards that can be recommended:

Uhlsport Carbon Flex Shin Guard

Steadfast protection is offered by this Carbon Flex shin guard; the shell is manufactured from one plate that has been fabricated of combined materials, keeping the shin cushioned from impact is the foam backing along the side.

What you get is a shin guard that is both comfortable to wear and reliably keeps the player protected, Carbon Flexes come with additional support to the calf; compression socks outfitted with inserts that retain the shin guards in place; socks which are easy to wear.

Uhlsport has a dominant place in best soccer shin guards because of the comfortability and other qualities it provides.

Young players will need a concept that offers good protection from injury regardless of their skill levels and Uhlsport’s Carbon Flex impact resistant plate manufactured from a mixture of both materials that will shield the shin from hard interaction while at the same time absorbs the shocks and crashes from opposing team members.

Supporting the calf muscle thermoplastic polyurethane inserts which promote blood circulation in the leg.

Best Soccer Shin Guards


Evoshield PX3 Shin Guards

Never to be judged on their looks, these shin guards are very thin, but these are some of the most hard-nosed shields available today in Best Soccer Shin Guards list.

The PX3’s are manufactured from a gel-like substance that casts and hardens into a casing designed to diminish the blows and prevent vicious impacts to the shinbone. The customized fit of the shin guard makes them sit with comfort while still giving the protection needed and once the foil packaging that they come with has been removed, they will start to solidify and set soundly.

To make sure that they sit snugly on the leg, they need to be slipped onto the shins using the sleeves and fitting gauze that are supplied, but take note that you only get one try at the molding process so ensure that they are placed at exactly on the precise spot where they meant to be.

Withstanding kicks, blows, and tackles the pliable gel forms a hard shell distributing the force of the clashes thereby protecting the tibia from any severe beating.

Best Soccer Shin Guards


Diadoro Gamma Carbonio Shin Guard

Extending from just below the knee all the way down to the shin, the Gamma Carbonio give fundamental protection due them being longer in length than most other shin guards.

Not having straps or sleeves this shield is molded to wrap around the leg, by slipping the leg in it should stay in place provided they are the correct size if not they will end up slipping down.

Being manufactured from Kevlar the same material used to make bulletproof vests, these guards will protect very well and are toughened with added layers of carbon fiber. Not for everyone as they retail for close on $200 but if the previous injury has been sustained around the leg and ankle area then these will be ideal, expensive but essentially bulletproof.

A known fact is that Diadoro Gamma Carbonio were manufactured for the injured player Francesco Totti to use in the 2006 World Cup specifically to protect his broken fibula which had not properly healed before the tournament had commenced. Essentially what they made him was a shin guard that acted like a cast on his shin.

Best Soccer Shin Guards


Nike Mercurial Lightspeed Shin Guards

Keeping the player on top of his game while bringing together a strong outer protective shell, Nike’s popular brand comes affordably priced, is comfortable with an easy to wear sleeve that stays firmly in place for the duration of the game.

Lightweight and designed to offer maximum protection Nike developed this Best Soccer Shin Guards to protect the leg, take into consideration though that they will need to be broken in at first as the blades are stiff.

Structurally designed for a tighter fit and to withstand hard impacts, the shin guards are made up of durable K-resin delivering clash protection to the shell.

Many medical devices are made from the same material so ultimate protection is guaranteed. Repelling the impact against the shin, EVA foam has been added to absorb the shocks and kicks, and the deflection of the ball will be felt in a minimalistic way should it hit the shin guard.

A snug and comfortable fit, these shin guards are fitted with stretch sleeves that ultimately cushion the shin area and offer great protection in doing so.

Best Soccer Shin Guards