The New and Updated Dream League Soccer Kits Url for 2017

dream league soccer kits url

This post is mainly for those who are Dream League Soccer 2017 lovers. Last time I have posted about dream league soccer logos url. Now after a logo what else a player needs, I think dream league soccer kits url.

This article contains many of the famous clubs Urls. Hope you will like it pick up one of them for your team.

Dream League Soccer kits url for 2017 –

1. Atletico Madrid Kit URL

The Club Atlético de Madrid, known as Atletico Madrid, is a football club of Spain, based in the city of Madrid, founded in 26 of April of 1903.

It was established as Athletic Club de Madrid by students Basques fans of Athletic Bilbao. The team from the Spanish capital would cease to be a subsidiary in 1921 when it broke away from the Basque team.

Nevertheless, the similarity of the uniform, and unique names, as caused due to The Madrid club was created, it is maintained.

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2. Barcelona kit URL

Futbol Club Barcelona is a football club professional, based in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Barcelona is the second most valuable football club in the world, with its value estimated at $ 3.2 billion, and the fourth richest football club regarding revenue, with an annual turnover of $ 484.6 million.

The official anthem of Barcelona is the ” Cant del Barça ” written by Jaume Picas and Josep Maria Espinas.

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3. Borussia Dortmund kit URL

Borussia Dortmund plays in the Bundesliga, the top tier of the German football league system. Borussia is the Latin term for the former state of Prussia. The team has a great tradition in Germany and Europe.

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4. Fenerbahce Kit URL

Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü is a football club Turkish of Istanbul. Founded in 1907, it is one of the greatest clubs in Turkish football.

Winner of the national championship for eighteen times, Fenerbahçe assumes a world renowned reputation and respected.

Their stadium, the Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu, is located on the Asian side of the city.

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5. Manchester United kit URL

Manchester United is one of the biggest teams in English football history, having won 23 major titles since Sir Alex Ferguson became manager on November 6, 1986.

In 1968, became the first English club to win the Champions League current Champions League, beating Benfica 4-1, winning the second Champions League in 1999 and the third in 2008.

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6. Manchester City kit URL

Manchester City Football Club is an English football club based in the city of Manchester, which currently contests the Premier League. Also known as Manchester City or simply City.

It was founded on 23 of November of 1880, when the club was known as St. Mark’s (West Gorton ), became then Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887, before changing its name to Manchester City Football Club on 16 April of 1894.

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7. Real Madrid kit URL

The Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly known as Real Madrid is a multi – sports club Spanish, based in Madrid. It was officially founded on 6 of March of 1902 by the brothers Juan Padrós and Carlos Padrós, with the name (Sociedad) Madrid Foot-Ball Club.

Started as a football club, soon acquired a sports character that led him to develop various athletic departments within the organization, although most of these departments are currently disabled.

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8. Uruguay Kit URL 

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9. Sweden Kit URL

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10. Spain Kit URL

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11. Indonesia Kit URL

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12. Germany Kit URL

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Summing Up –

These were some of the Dream League Soccer kits url for 2017. They all are new and updated kits. For more updates and news realted to dream league soccer 2017 stay tune to CheckLeague.

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