Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks 2017 for the Soccer Fanatics

Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks

Dream League Soccer is a fun soccer simulator where you have to manage and lead your team to glory. It gives you the power to build your team with the players you want and develop it in the way you like.

With true-to-life cameras and enhanced visuals, you get more indulge in the gameplay. The very first thing that you do is to think the name for your team, design a kit and logo, and choose a captain.

Then you have to compete with some modest teams such as Levante, Anderlecht, and Herenveen. For getting a higher division, you have beat your opponent team.

It’s a little tuff game, but with some tips, you can win it. Checkleague is obliged to tell you some Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks through which you can manage everything quickly and can lead your team to glory.

Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks 2017 –

Below are some of the tips through which you can guide your team to glory.

  • Choose your captain wisely because as more as you goal, the more coins you’ll acquire. So, it will be better if you pick a striker as your captain.
  • Use your 1000 coins to buy CF which will help you create a powerful duet.
  • Get your team at least two fast strikers because speed is your essential criteria.
  • To make sure you score a lot of goals when you’re doing one on one and your player is already too close, just lob the keeper, it will do the trick even if it’s a defender with offensive shooting stat.
  • Play your game with confidence and make a good plan.
  • Let those players play who have better skills and stamina.
  • Try to find the cheapest deal when you are upgrading/expanding your stadium. For this reset, the stadium expansion offers then try to press the upgrade button again. Do it until you have the cheapest upgrade for you.

Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks 2017 –

If you want to show some fancy skills like swiping the screen, etc. then do as I say. Swiping up, down, left, and right skills will give you different types of dribbling.

  • Swipe up to do a Rainbow flick.
  • Swipe down to do a Maradona.
  • Swipe sideways to do a scissor.
  • Tap the screen twice to do stepovers.
  • Pass the soccer to someone and double tap just when they get it for a long shot.
  • Just double tap anywhere on the screen for random moves.
  • Press “C” than turn the arrow the other way for the bicycle kick.

Summing Up –

Dream League Soccer 2017 has attained its place as one of the top gaming smartphones market in 2016. For winning matches, you need some tactics and plans.

Hope this Dream League Soccer Tips and Tricks will help you to surpass your opponent and lead your team to a higher division.

If you have any queries regarding this or you want to know some other tips, then please comment below and let us now your views.