Things you should know about Dream League Soccer 2017

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer 2017 is a heart-throbbing game where you have to start your journey as a newbie and eventually become a pro one. You get the ability to build an entire team, develop players, and compete with your rivalries.

At first, your team will be on the lower scale of a fictional league, and if you give your best, then you can probably get the top position. The graphics and interface are so good that you will love to play it and not to forget about the realistic action scenes.

This game gives you the opportunity to be the best team on the planet by beating your opponents. Now the question that arises is …

How to get the Higher Rank –

You can only succeed when you make your image among other teams, and you can do that by gaining the top most position.

You can get that higher level by doing this thing:

  • Choose a proper name for your team.
  • Design a kit and pick a captain for it.
  • Recruit new Players, upgrade your Stadium and train your team.
  • Now you can build your favorite club and take the field anytime you want.
  • Either you play with bots or with real users. Playing against bots will do your practice, and for gaining real power, you have to play against real players.
  • Through this time improve your stadium’s facilities, team’s strategy, test your skills online against players from around the world.
  • The last thing you have to do is to gain victory in most of the matches.

Features that you get in Dream League Soccer –

Dream League Soccer is an updated version of Dream League Soccer 2016. The updated version brings some new features along with it.

The features that you get is:

  • It provides three primary buttons; A, B, C to shoot, pass, and long pass respectively.
    You can use them to block and make long passes, dribbles, throw, and much more. These buttons are enough for you to enjoy a fantastic control system.
  • Dual-stick to control the players and D-Pad to move the player.
  • As much as you goal you get rewarded with coins which you can use to strengthen or expand your team. Your team performance also matters regarding coins.
[alert-announce]It provides you a chance to sign official FifPro licensed players, to build a team strong enough to take on the world![/alert-announce]Dream League Soccer 2016Competitors –

You will face two type of competition the first one is the division, sort of like league where you will compete with another team the whole season.

Then there also the other competition where sort of like the FA Cup where all the team from all division will be playing against each other. So in this cup, you can expect to face Real Madrid with Ronaldo and Bale inside the team.

Multiplayer Troubleshooting 

One more feature that Dream League Soccer 2017 gives is a multiplayer game.

This feature works  when you have an active Internet Connection, or the else game might be felt a bit too sluggish. You can even play with your nearby friend through Game Center support and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth support.

Summing up –

Once you be a winner in your division and gain a certain number of visitors in one match, you will move to the higher category.

You can also customize the kit and the logo appearance from the default appearance. The only thing you need to do is paste the URL for the kit or the logo.

Overall this game is worth playing for the football and simulation enthusiasts.