How To Clean Goalkeeper Gloves *BEST METHOD*

A keeper’s gloves are prone to get dirty quickly depending on the material and color, but people complain that regular cleaning wears them out. While that is true, the method that you use for cleaning is the real cause of wear and tear.

Below we have listed the verified and tested methods which can help you in understanding how to clean your gloves in an effective way. So lets get started.

How NOT To Clean Your Gloves

Whatever you do or however short of time you are, never toss those gloves in a washing machine. The maker may clear them for this type of washing, but machines and hot presses only dry them out, messing with the latex and reducing the moisture inside that gives the glove a good grip.

How To Clean Goalkeeper Gloves

After a game, soak a soft towel in soapy water and wipe away all the muck that you have collected in the field. Wipe the interior of the gloves too to remove any sweaty odor without drying the latex out.

How To Clean Goalkeeper Gloves

During severe weather, your gloves will collect so much mud that this method of cleaning will not work. Still, you can’t toss them in the washing machine. Instead, soak them in plain water to get rid of the mud and then wash them with your bare hands to remove the dirt.

If they are too dirty, fill a small tub with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent. Soak one glove in the water at a time for just ten seconds (enough to soak water) and then rub each gently until you are satisfied that they are clean. You want to avoid soaking them for long because excessive water ruins latex.

Drying Your Gloves

You can either sun-dry them or wrap them in a towel to draw moisture. If the weather allows it and the gloves aren’t too wet, just hang them outside with pegs. Alternatively, stuff them with newspapers to draw out moisture without exposing them to heat.