10 Reasons that Makes Soccer World’s Best Sport


10 Reasons That makes soccer world's best sport

The World holds many sports which excite hearts of people and bring happiness to their face. Different people like different sports. But there’s one sport that catches many people’s heart that is soccer. Millions of players across the globe love soccer and many reasons prove why soccer is the best sport.

Soccer is something that magically attracts everyone towards itself. Soccer is not just a sport it is life for soccer fans. It is something that gives feelings of challenges and competitiveness. Many of you might be wondering that how a sport that sometimes ends in 0-0 ties can become world’s best sport.

Here are 10 Reasons Why Soccer is the Best Sport:

1. A Global Sport

Soccer is one of the sports that is played almost in every country. It is estimated that it has around 3.5 billion fans in the whole world and According to FIFA’s most recent Big Count survey, the number of players involved in soccer from around the world is 265 million.

It can be played anywhere, and at any time also there is no language barrier in soccer.

Soccer also tends to stole hearts of small children, and they love seeing their player playing and wish to become like them one day.

2. Never Ending Sport

It is a sport that has no stoppage. Once a league or championship ends another one get starts. It is a good sport for those dedicated players who want to give their whole life to soccer.

There is a league season, a league cup, a club championship, as well as international games all going on at once.

Soccer fans never get bored because soccer remains endless throughout the year. There is no such thing like an off-season in soccer.

3. A Team Game

Team game

Because of the team sports spirit, it attracts every player towards it. You will love it when you find that you are a part of the team and the team needs your support to win the game.

A game cannot win by an individual player it requires everyone’s effort this is what soccer is. Fans just don’t watch their favorite player they go to watch their favorite team playing.

There are immense trust and understanding among players who let them play the game together. They play like as if they are not part of a team they are part of a family.

4. A game of skill and technique

Soccer is a game of skill and technique it doesn’t matter how you looks or how your personality is. Nowadays many of the sport require better physicality of players, but there’s no such thing in soccer. No matter how your body is built, you can become a great soccer player.

A soccer player needs to have speed, agility, balance and footwork techniques. There are no physical size advantages in soccer which makes it different from other sports like basketball where a highted player can gain an advantage over a small height player.

5. Played by any age group

Many of other sports require their players to be of a certain age, but in soccer, there are no age requirements for players to hit the pitch. Many players take the pitch at a very early age like Raheem Sterling of Liverpool and Luke Shaw of Southampton and blow everyone’s mind by their spectacular performances.

6. Easy to learn and follow rules

It’s very easy to learn basics of soccer and the rules are pretty damn simple. The most common thing that you have to understand is you have to through the ball into the net without using your hands. Give or take a few offsides, corner kicks and yellow versus red card rules.

7. An Inexpensive Game

Soccer doesn’t require a bunch of money for purchasing its equipment. You can play it anywhere with a minimal amount of equipment. This game gives a spirit to low-income children to play their dream game as they don’t have to spend lots of money.

8. The World Cup comes every four years

Why soccer is so popular throughout the world is the FIFA World Cup which excites the level of joy and happiness among its fan. World Cup proves to be a most popular sporting event in the world.

9. International Matches

why soccer is the best sport

Soccer is played in many countries as its a global sport. The fans got the opportunity to see their favorite team playing against other nations and can visit different stadiums too. You can be in Turkey, China, Brazil or Morocco, and you’ll find people interested in soccer.

10. Soccer creates a positive sense of nationalism

When the world cup comes, it brings various cultures and peoples from around the world together, similar to the Olympics. It’s a celebration of enjoying the same sport no matter what country a person hails from.

Wrapping up –

Soccer tends to be a peaceful game that holds everyone’s breath. Some people seems not to be interested in watching soccer but believe me guys once you saw a soccer game its beauty will change your mind.

There are also some for whom soccer is their world, and for them, I have questions.

Tell me what according to you guys makes Soccer a World’s Best Sport.

Comment below and lets us know your views.